Monday, January 09, 2012

Two Twelve So Far

So far this year has been very low key. We know it won't last, but it's been nice to finally enjoy some down time together as a family.

Matt starts work this Friday. The changes this will create will be HUGE for us but it will be good none the less. Back to reality!
For a few more days we will enjoy sleeping in together, playing games late into the night and fun family adventures during the day.

Here are some shots of our year so far!

A new bouncy  house opened up in our hood so we took in the sights. SO MUCH FUN!
It's possible Matt and I played around too...
Sam's daily routine is to wake up at 9am (lucky, we know) take a shower and then get warmed up in Mommy and Daddy's bed. He likes to be all snuggled up while he dries.  
We rented out our spare bedroom this year to a friend named Kelly. With her came her cockatiel, Thisbee. Sam LOVES to have her hang out on his shoulder.
Sam enjoys dressing himself and since we spend most of our days pent up in our home, we allow it. One day he chose Spiderman Pjs, robot shoes and his owl backpack. Gotta love his style!
Sam got his Mommy's sleepy genes. On most days he puts himself down for a nap and never whines when it's bed time. He's super easy when it comes to rest. One day we found him like this:
Fast asleep.
For Christmas Papa and Tutu got Sam this HUGE lava-lamp-aquarium. He loves it and asks for his fish every night.

Hopefully we can fit in a few fun activities this week before we lose Matt to Boeing!

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Momma J said...

Holly, where is the bouncy house?