Thursday, January 19, 2012

17" of snow & still accumulating

Remember how I was all snowed out 4 days ago? Yeah, well, it continues to snow and its getting colder and colder. We have also had a few power outages that have really sent me over the edge of frustration.

Pretty much, I can't wait for the summer :)

However, I am making the best of this winter storm by spending time with the boys and getting outside to play. We had a fun day with friends when they invited us to join them at their parents' house for a day of "sledding in the llama pasture".

Yes, you read that correctly.
The hill was perfect for the activity, but the cold and snowy weather made it hard to enjoy the ride. Sam was done after 2 trips down the hill.

So we hiked back up to the house and enjoyed a lunch while the Daddys built a huge igloo for all of the Littles to play in.

That was all Sam needed to have a little fun.
At one point, me and the other moms looked out the window to see the guys using saws and 2X4's to build this masterpiece. I guess a man's got to do what a man's got to do when it comes to constructing the perfect igloo :)
It was big enough to stand in, had a door and a window and was about 20 degrees warmer inside.
Matty was so proud that after about an hour of being home he asked, "Have you put pictures up of my igloo yet?"


Kathryn said...

so fun! i miss snow, come to florida!

Colton said...

Yes, I remember that. I also remember saying "I hope you're not too sick of it, because there's more coming!" I'm jealous. Especially of Matt's igloo, that thing is pretty rad.

And yes, you could come to Florida. It is supposed to be 78 degrees in Gainesville tomorrow.

Sabs said...

awesome igloo! My parents haven't even played in the snow yet! Guess you gotta have little ones:) Glad to see you're making good use of it. Makes those of us in the south a wee jealous:)