Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Overload

Or would that be "Snow-verload?

Either way, it snowed a lot here in the past 2 days.
Luckily we have been able to get out and enjoy it.

It started Saturday night. We managed to get out and play in it a little before it got dark.

Sam enjoyed his first snowball fight against our roommate Kelly. The kid can throw. I'm pretty sure he never missed a target, including my face.
Mommy and Sam in our snow covered neighborhood. We love where we live. Although, after being pent up for two days I am kind of regretting living on a big hill....
Little Man ate A TON of snow. At one point he was laying face down licking it off of the ground.
Sam was so happy to be out in the snow. He didn't complain once about the cold which is great considering we were not prepared for the weather. (You can't tell, but he's wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes.)
Our neighborhood is full of kids and fun parents. When it snows everyone comes out and plays together. It's so great. Erica and Katelyn came out and visited us while the snow fell.
Yup, he's eating snow again.
Kelly and Sam built a big snowman together but we didn't have the tools to make eyes and a nose. Sam enjoyed rolling the snow anyway :)

Sunday morning we woke up to more snow and cancelled church. I got Sam ready for the day and let him go play outside. He was more excited than I have ever seen him.

Even the dogs were hyped up about the new snowfall.
Happy boy :)
The chickens were very hesitant about the white stuff. After I de-iced their water and gave them new food, I tired to coax them out with some Cheerios's.
Only Doris was willing to try out the snow. Even though it was up to her chest, she managed to wander around the yard a little. All 3 chickens did enjoy eating the snow though.
When we could hear the neighborhood kids coming out to play, we headed into the cul de sac to join them.

Sam got to experience his first sledding ride! Although we don't have any kid safe hills near our house, he loved being pulled around by the adults.
Sam and Grayson.
Sam may have been a little distraught when the big kids knocked down the big snowman that the dad's had built. He quickly got over it.Snowball fights were happening all over the neighborhood. The dad's even built a snow bunker/igloo to use.
Even Brimley got to spend the afternoon out with us. He played with all of the neighborhood dogs while we socialized with humans.

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Colton said...

That picture of Sam from Sunday morning is pretty much the most amazing thing, ever. I love it. The snow spray is an especially nice touch.

And I hope you're not too sick of it, since you're going to be getting 10 to 20 inches more over the next few days. Hahaha...yay snow!