Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bowling with the babes

Sam and I went on an adventure today to the bowling alley with our friends Sarah, Eli and Grace.
The boys started out very excited. Sam could hardly stand the wait.
It started off good. Sam and Eli were able to get their heavy balls down the lane, although very slowly. They enjoyed throwing and rolling the balls down the lane and taking turns. Sam really loved cheering for everyone.
Eli even managed to get a strike. We were pretty excited!
But all too soon the weight of the balls took effect on tiny arms and they were getting stuck mid-lane. Then we started running into other lanes and pushing buttons on the computer. Fingers were smashed between balls and backs were injured by slippery floors.

2 moms lost pathetically against 3 crazy kiddos.

Lesson learned, wait until kids are at least 4 before you take them bowling.


The Cox Trio said...

Yep, lesson learned! I'm so glad to have a friend like you to learn (laugh and cry...) with.

Colton said...

Hahaha...I'm sorry it was lame. Oh well, you can check that one off for a while.