Wednesday, September 29, 2010

single mom...this week.

There is something special about being alone with Sam this week.

Don't get me wrong, I want Matthew to be here. I want him here to scoff at the messes I have ignored, tell me I'm in a bad mood or even openly disagree with how I have dressed our son. Somehow I even miss all that along with all the good things he provides.
However, it is so much fun to spend every minute worrying about Sam. He has had my full attention from morning until night, and I love giving it to him. He is so cool. Sam has started giving "bumps" with fists and "showing his muscles" complete with straining grunts. But my favorite trick this week has to be "waaa-weee" (aka-sorry.) He hit me in the face this morning and when I started to (fake) cry, he petted my face softly and said "waaa-wee" so sweetly. Life could only be better if Matt was here to laugh with me.
Although it has been hard practicing single parenting, I am so thankful for every second that I get to spend with "Shmooly."
The doting will end after this next sentence.
Sam is so stinkin' handsome.


merideth said...

oh i am dying over these pics. i need to pick up my camera again... it has been a while.
but these inspire me. i would love pics like this of crew. sam is such a cutie.

don't be surprised or i hope you don't mind if i have pics up on my blog soon of crew just like this.
love it.

Colton said...

Can't wait to meet him.

The Cox Trio said...

Haha, Eli's "sorry" is hard to understand at times because we don't know if he saying "saw-wee" or "Ha-wee" (Holly)... I think my son has a crush on you :-)

whitney said...

totally know what you mean. i kinda love it when its just me and my boys....

could sam get any dang cuter? nope.