Thursday, October 07, 2010

I got nothin'

My dad likes to call and complain when I don't update the blog. I know he wants pictures of Sam, but the truth is, I haven't touched my camera for a few days. We have been busy here taking care of the house and all the work that it requires.

Dishes, vacuum, mow, organize, rinse and repeat.

I am finally caught up (for a few days anyway) on editing and today I am hoping to have a little r&r here at home. My goal is to get rid of this yucky cold I have been sporting by dinner time tonight.

We finally have Matt back. He actually surprised us by coming home a day early and we found him in the kitchen with a bouquet of roses and a giant yellow balloon. It was glorious, and so is having him home again.

Matty has family in town from Hawaii and California so we are excited to get together with everyone tonight and eat Loompia. I highly recommend having Filipino chefs cook meals for you. Its pretty awesome.

So Dad, not what you wanted in the way of a post, but you do know that Sam is also available to be viewed in 3D right? I hear (and firmly believe myself) that he is a whole lot cuter in that demension. :)

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