Friday, September 03, 2010

Time away

I know that its not that weird to say that I have never been away from my 1 year old son, but isn't it crazy to say that I have never been away from my husband?


In the 5 years that we have known each other Matt and I have never been apart. I have seen him EVERY DAY since we met. Seriously.

Tomorrow I fly to Reno for a wedding and I am very nervous about being away from my boys. I know that its probably healthy for us to have a little time away from each other, but holy cow am I going to miss them!

You better believe that before I go to bed each night I am going to stare at these pictures while I say goodnight to Matthew and Sam via telephone.


The Dillon 6 said...

guess you can't show us the pictures of Matty you'll be starin' at, huh?

have fun!!!

Sabs said...

teehee that last comment was hilarious!

being apart sucks but it makes the reunion even sweeter:)

p.s. i'll trade my tan for your beauty? done.

Amber said...

thanks for toughing it out for me! :)