Thursday, September 09, 2010

Northstar Resort

I had an eventful Labor Day weekend at Northstar Resort in Truckee California. I flew into Reno on Saturday afternoon and got all settled in my cabin. The first thing I did was explore the resort and get something to eat at the pizza parlor. Then I grabbed a towel and spent most of the night soaking in the hot tub.Sunday was the "big day." Amber and Craig flew me down to photograph their wedding. They had a beautiful ceremony on a golf course, and a fun reception at sunset. Lots of pictures, and a few blisters on my feet from standing all day.Monday morning I spent hours on the phone with Alaska Airlines trying to get on a flight. But, considering it was Labor Day, it didnt happen.

So I packed up some water and snacks and caught a Gondola ride up the mountain for some hiking. Not even my painful (bleeding) blisters were going to stop me from seeing the sights.
I hiked to Sawmill Lake just on the other side of the mountain. It was a very peaceful hike and the lake was beautiful. I thought about taking a swim, but the water was so cold.Heading down the mountain I could hear the pool calling my name, so I went to my cabin, changed into my swim suit and limped my way to the Clubhouse.Tuesday came and I grabbed the earliest shuttle to the airport. The driver managed to crash into the median about 4 times heading down the winding road, but we made it safely into Reno.
When I finally caught a flight to Seattle (8 hours later) I was consumed with excitement to see my boys again.
I sure missed them and luckily they missed me a lot too :)

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