Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tyler's First Birthday

Our friend Tyler turned 1 yesterday and Sam and I went over to his house a few hours before the party to help out. I put Sam in the living room next to the toys and started to talk to Quinn. The next thing I know, Sam is standing next to me with two little giraffes that he found in the toy box. Two! Giraffes! (The ones he owns were waiting for us in the car because heaven help us if we lose them.)I swear, this kid cracks me up. I don't understand his obsession, but I think its pretty cute.

Anyway, while we got ready for the guests to arrive, Ben blew up the bouncy house and the boys were ecstatic to go inside.They had so much fun. Even Sam who spent most of the time just trying to get back up.
Tyler just enjoyed playing with his daddy.
When it was time for cake, we all gathered around to help Tyler blow out his candles. He must have been full of the yummy party food because he had very little interest in the chocolate cake he was given to destroy.
Just when we thought the fun would never end, it did just that. When I large "thwack" was heard and felt by those standing on the back patio, we all gasped in fear when we realized Sam had tumbled head first onto the rocky concrete. Witnesses say nothing but his forehead stopped the fall.
The large bump that immediately appeared proved it.
Luckily there were 2 nurses at the party and both felt that Sam would be okay without a trip to the ER. He had a hard time calming down, but who wouldn't bawl their face off falling like that? Poor guy.It was a bad mixture of tired legs from jumping, missed naps and a sugar high from birthday cake that caused the accident. But in about 20 minutes Sam was back to playing and laughing with the big kids and the swelling is way down this morning.

Well anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! This bumps for you :)


Amber said...

omg! he gets hurt so much more than I ever remember Samantha getting hurt! lol.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Oh poor Sam! Just innocently enjoying the evening of giraffes and bouncing, and then the pavement happens. Completely unfair.

Bump or no, he's absolutely beautiful. Do you just stare at him all day? And glomp him repeatedly?

Atsa what I would do.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

adorable pictures! I can't believe he got such a bump :) hope he heals quick!

Colton said...

Wow...poor Sam, that looks absolutely terrible. I hit a rock in a rapid with my forehead a few days ago myself. Although his goose-egg easily eclipses mine.

Also, I'm not sure why this is the case, but I am highly disturbed by the picture of that monkey with all of the candles sticking out of it's face. Creepy. Its like some kind of flaming acupuncture torture.

Bart and Jill said...

ummm... you have a child just like HOLDEN! hahaha He always has bumps, scrapes, cuts, black eyes... it probably looks like I abuse him! Boys will be boys!