Monday, August 03, 2009

Matthew "The Machine" Aprecio

Matthew tested for his blue belt on Wednesday, which also happened to be the hottest day in history for Seattle. The gym had no air conditioning. It was stifling. I couldn't help but think that while Sam and I were watching Matt test, we were breathing in other men's sweat. Yuck. Sam really enjoyed watching all the big boys though.The test is a 1.5 hour session of sparring with a new opponent every 5 minutes. This is an exhausting experience, but Matt loved it none the less. He did so good, and made it the whole time without a break. Way to go babe!
His instructor Mike, congratulated him with his new belt after class, and then Sam and I took Matt out to dinner where we met Chris and Tiffany. I had a German chocolate cake made for Matt with his new nickname that Mike gave him. "The Machine." What a perfect name for Matt. He has stuck with Jiu-Jitsu now for a year and a half, and has become really great at it. He has worked hard to heal fast through some pretty traumatic injuries, and attended class after class to improve. Congrats on getting your blue belt Matty...I mean, Machine. :)


Shannon Hunnex said...

good job matty!

Colton said...

Congratulations, Matt. Too bad I can't tell the difference between any colors. I'll just have to kick you straight in the nuts if we ever fight.