Friday, August 21, 2009

Trout Lake - First Attempt

Tuesday morning, Sam, the dogs and I, the Cox family and the Coats family all headed over to Skyview to hike to Trout Lake. We got lost on the way, so we started out a little later than we wanted to and didn't make it all the way to the lake, but we had a great time none the less. We will try again on another day.There were really pretty views of waterfalls and mountains and the river was so nice. Sam loved being in the backpack, and was so comfortable in it, he quickly fell asleep.He could breathe, I promise :)

The dogs did really great. I didn't have them on a leash, but they stayed really close to the group and loved playing in the water. It really tired them out, and Brimley passed out the second we got back to the car. It was our first time hiking together and it will not be the last. They love the outdoors just as much as I do. We will give the trail another try. We ran into some other hikers on the way down who had caught 30 trout at the lake! So next time we will be sure to take fishing poles.


The Cox Trio said...

Let's try again this week... You game?

Colton said...


Just kidding, I'm sure it was still beautiful. Sounds like a good fishing hole, too.

Anonymous said...

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