Monday, August 24, 2009

Sick little Sam

There is nothing as sad as seeing your usually happy baby sick. Saturday afternoon, Sam was napping on our bed as I folded laundry. I heard a gagging noise, and I looked over to see Sammy choking on his vomit. I ran over to him and lifted him up and pounded his back. He immediately projectile vomited all over everything. The face that he made, complete with spit up coming out of his nose, was so heartbreaking! I'm sure he was so confused since he was fast asleep only seconds before this horrible experience.He proceeded to empty his stomach contents 2 more times before falling fast asleep in my arms. He took a good 2 hour nap, while I called the Dr and cleaned myself up.When Sam awoke, he was his happy self and didn't seem to remember reenacting scenes from the Exorcist. I am hoping that this was just a little fluke, or that he may have eaten too much, because he is not showing any other signs of sickness. Hopefully, we can get on with our healthy selves, and tackle the pile of laundry created by this event :)


Loni said...

how sad! :( Poor little guy. We haven't had to deal with throwing up yet...knock on wood. I don't know what I would do!

PS that first pic is to DIE for! He is so dang cute!

PPS every time I see anything owl related I want to buy it for you and Sam. Can you send me your address?

Colton said...

The exorcist comment made me laugh. Gross. Vomiting is seriously the worst thing ever. I would rather be burned or cut and bleed everywhere than vomit. Its awful. I don't know how anyone could ever become bulimic. Unless they hate teeth.