Thursday, August 13, 2009

Im a home

This week, for no particular reason, I chose to stay home in some comfortable clothes that I discovered on Matt's side of the closet. Does any other lady find her husbands old tee shirts and baggy sweat pants the best outfit to scrub out in? Well, I do.

Instead of venture out looking like a crotchety old bag woman, I spent the week doing this:And taking pictures of this guy:
And reading books to you know who.
We did get some fresh air. But I can honestly say we didn't get any further than our own yard.Lazy, yes. Responsible, no. There are 100+ things I should have been doing instead and I am sure Matt can name them all in record time. However, I am feeling a little more rested than usual, and ready to take on the world again with a sure to be exciting weekend :)


Monica said...

Holly - I just LOVE reading your blog and seeing how you interact with Sam!! He is such a cutie and you seem to be enjoying the heck out of being a mother. Keep the blog coming!! And forget about those 100 things you should have been doing - the time you spent with Sam and your pets is more precious then anything! Those memories will be priceless!

The Dillon 6 said...

WAY more fun than those "other" things. We hope to see you next weekend -- does that work??

Sabs said...

aren't all the things not on your to-do-list really what life is all about?