Friday, July 31, 2009

Heat Wave

In case you haven't heard, this week has been the hottest on record for the state of Washington. Because its so rare to be in the 90's and 100's here, no one has air conditioning. So we had to take drastic measures to stay cool.

On Monday the Cox family met Sam and I at the beach where we spent lots of time in the water and under the umbrella. Sammy got to use his summer hat, and I was surprised to learn that he loved to be in the cool lake. Although he doesn't look to happy in this picture, I promise you he had a great time.
On Tuesday we spent a lot of our day at Target keeping cool in their air conditioning. The house was just too hot to handle.

The weatherman warned us that Wednesday was supposed to be the hottest day hitting the triple digits so Sarah, Eli, Sam and I met up with Samantha and Chip at the beach again. Here we are in our shades. Chip wore them too!It felt so good to be in the lake and out of the heat.
The nights were the worst. It is so hard to sleep when it doesn't get below 85, but we did our best with what we had. We have one fan that followed us from room to room, and a few ice packs that really came in handy for all of us. Sam fell asleep holding one (not straight out of the freezer, but still cool enough to feel good) and then I laid one on Princess, and she slept with it on her for a while. For the dogs, I would take them into the back and hose them off so that they could cool down a bit. It was pretty miserable for us Washingtonians who are not used to the heat and humidity.
Bring on the cooler weather!


Colton said...

Ah, heat. This is why I love Flagstaff. Even the hottest days barely approach ninety, and it always cools off to at least the sixties at night. But you can rest assured that I would spend every waking, non-working moment at the lake, too. Hang in there! And stay away from the Phoenix metro area!

Shannon Hunnex said...

omg i love the kitty one so cute. guster has just been looking at us like... ok guys enough is enough either shave me or give me away to someone with central air

Whitney said...

hahahha! i LOVE the ice pack on your kitty. i bet louis wishes we would have thought of that!
and your black and white swim suit is too cute.
happy summer!

Ashley Nichole Frandsen said...

ummm didn't you JUST have a baby!?!?! could have fooled me!!! you look great Holly!!!