Monday, July 02, 2012

Ladies Night

It felt so right to get out on the town with my lady friend Rachael last night. We started off by eating at our favorite restaurant, Lombardi's where we had a romantic meal of buscetta. Then we headed into Tulalip Casino to watch my Dad rock out in his Styx tribute band, Borrowed time.

It didn't take long for us to feel the pull of the music taking us on to the dance floor. Yes, we were surrounded by crazy-drunk-hippy-groupies.It was fun.
 The band was AWESOME and it made me so excited for my own show at the casino in September.
We had left our "mom clothes" at home hoping to get hit on. Nothing makes you feel hot like a good (or stupid for that matter) pick up line.

We blame our giant wedding rings for the fact that the only guy who hit on us was apparently too intoxicated to either care or notice that we were hitched. We got a picture with him...nothing says "classy" like wearing a VanHalen shirt to a Styx band.
 He was a nice guy and claims he'll be at my show dancing away, but it wasn't long after this picture was captured that we realized what a BAD idea it was.

Our shoulders REAKED of horrible pit BO. Awesome.

Once we were free of stink, we sat down at a couple slot machines and tested our luck.

I made out with $20 and the house kicked Rachael's butt. But we had a blast and are hoping to be back again when we need a break from poopy diapers, laundry and boys.
Who's in?

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Colton said...

It looks like fun...all except the B.O. part. Gross...and maybe the GAMBLING. I don't have enough money to gamble. Nor do I know how to pay tithing on that.