Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day Trip

We went on search for some tide pools, one of our favorite family activities. We originally set out in search for a beach called "Salt Creek" but ended up checking out some other beautiful beaches around the area. Although we never did find any great tide pools, we had a blast anyway. 

Our trip started out with the hour drive up to Deception Pass.
We walked half way out onto the bridge and then hiked down to the North Beach.

 When we were ready for some lunch, we drove a little ways into Oak Harbor and ate some lunch at a Seafood restaurant in town.

After lunch we made the drive out to Fort Casey and took a tour of the Fort and the Beach.

 (Baby Swallows nesting in a bunker)

 The view from the top of the Fort was awesome.

 Daddy teaching Sam about Crab anatomy.

 The dark bunkers were really spooky but Sam had no problem running into pitch black areas. Silly kid.

I may have succeeded a little too well at scaring Matty....jumping out of the dark at your spouse is a good way to end your marriage. ;)

When we had seen it all at Fort Casey, we drove south to Double Bluff Beach, a place we were told had great tide pools. 

 Although the beach was really beautiful, the tide pools were very lame. The only thing we found was this Jelly Fish that Matt rescued, putting it back into the ocean.

 The sun set behind the bluff causing the beach to become a little chilly. Sam asked for my sweatshirt :)

 When the day was over we caught the Clinton to Mukilteo Ferry and drove home. It was a perfect day trip that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the beaches in our area.

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