Monday, July 09, 2012

Our 4th of July

Yes,  I am a little behind in blogging. But with all the sunshine we have been having I have been away from my computer. 

Our holiday was great. We started out the day with pizza and black snakes at Bub and Grandma's house. 

Then we drove over to the Hunnex's where we have spent the last 7 Independence Days. We enjoyed yummy food, lovely views and good friends.
This year, due to Matt's work schedule, we were not able to stay for the big firework show on Lake Washington, but we drove home and lit fireworks with the Havens family.

Sam and Chase in their matching PJ's.
 Rachael and Chase watching the fireworks from the back of the car.
 Sammy and Kyle lighting the Tank.
 Rachael, very excited about her sparkler. :)
 Sammy. If this is not the face of a pyromaniac, I don't know what is. This kid loved everything about the 4th.

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