Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Us in June

We got a few updated picture of our family the other day, thanks to my parents. We went to a park near their home and got a few shots. I am so happy to have these.

So, we have started the adoption process. We havent wanted to make a huge deal about it since it's such a gamble, but we are officially waiting and hoping for a birthmother to chose our family. Oh, the torture! It's all I can think about, but we are so excited to see what is in store for our growing family.

Sam is so excited to have a brother...even though we are open to a girl as well, Sam is sure it's going to be a boy. When the homestudy agent came to our door last week, Sam exclaimed "Ah! My baby's here!!" It was heartwarming to see him so ecstatic and also so sad to have to explain to him that the wait has only begun.

So we wait....


The Busy Browns said...

I don't know from experience, but I have had alot of friends and people in my ward adopt, and it's a long process! so don't get discouraged! love ya!

Colton said...

Wow, Matt didn't make a bunch of screwball faces in these pictures. I'm a little...disappointed.

Although that story about Sam made me crack up big time. "My baby's here!" Hahahahaha!

merideth said...

that first one is so sweet. i can't wait to watch your family grow. here's to hoping for a short wait!!

Rutt Family said...

YA!!! so excited for you cute family, Holly!
These pictures are darling.
So excited to hear about your process for adoption. Let us know if us readers on your blog can spread the word :) I cant think of a more deserving family the yours.