Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Tonight was a beautiful night to drop our crab pot into the ocean. Matt has been wanting to crab since the season opened and tonight was our first opportunity. 

We took a small crab trap with us and attached it to Sam's new fishing pole. We caught 2 huge king crabs with it, but they were both able to untangle themselves before we could reel them in all the way. 

After we dropped Matt's big pot in and tied it to the dock, we waited for our catch while we played at the park.

 When sunset arrived we walked down to the water and pulled up the traps.

 The sky was amazing!

 Two Dungeness Crabs!!!

Only one was big enough, so we threw the other back into the water.

 Matty's first catch of the season!

 Just after Matt pulled the shell off and started to pull apart the body....
 ...the crabs pincer found his thumb and latched on. HARD.
A guy on the dock had to help pry him off. Keep in mind that this crab had been ripped in half only seconds before and was still able to pinch! Crazy!!
 After the "fight" Matt had no problem finishing him off.

 I had a hard time watching the kill and was a little bothered by how long the poor thing survived after being pulled apart. Yikes. I hope I can get used to this....
Matt cleaned "his kill" and cooked him up at home claiming he was "Delicious!!"
More crabbing adventure to come!

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Colton said...

Oh my gosh, THIS! I want to do this, right now. You brat, you knew these pictures would drive me crazy. I'm so hungry!