Friday, January 04, 2008

A new Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Matt and I are very excited about 2008, and I hope that we can get as much done this year as we did last year.

Here is a quick recap.

Last winter Matt took on the challenge of skiing, and did way better than I could have ever imagined.

In March, to escape the cold, we took an enjoyable trip to Mesa Arizona to see some of my family and we got to spend some quality time together at the zoo.

In April we celebrated a full year of marriage followed by an exciting (and AMAZING) trip to New York City.

Shannon and Tyler Hunnex were hitched in June after a fun Bachelorette Party and lots of planning.

Matt and I took Briz on a trip to Ocean Shores to fly kites and play at the beach. Brisbane got sick from inhaling salt water.

Once the weather started to warm, Matt and I took advantage of "friends with boats" and tried our skills at wake boarding. Matt accomplished while I failed with a memorable face plant.

We spent Independence Day with our family and friends at the Hunnex's home and then took our first trip to Las Vegas for 7-7-07.

Shannon and I decided that we had been wishing for them long enough, and bought ourselves Kayaks. Both of us were unemployed at this time, and had a great (and humbling) time laying out in the sun and rolling down the river.

Matt and I were able to do a lot of camping and play with the Dillon kids in our apartment pool.

Armani passed away after a hard decision made on my part to put him down. He had had many urinary tract problems, and he was in a lot of pain. We still miss him a lot.

I found a job working in-house for VOLT, a staffing company in Redmond.
Another successful block party at the Baileys!

After battling cancer for 2+ years, Selden returned home to his Father in Heaven. We were able to be with him during some of the last hours of his life, and attend his memorable funeral.
We made a fun trip to the ER after Matt complained of abdominal pains. We are still at a loss to what caused these.

With our good friend Brett, we headed down to Portland to hike Multnomah Falls. It was a lot of fun.

Matt and I found the perfect house in Lake Stevens, and offered, payed for and moved in. We still love it!

Matt joined a dodge ball team in the area, and came in as one of the top teams in the end.

Cory and his girlfriend Alex got the sweetest puppy named Dundee.

We were able to attend "The Pied Piper" starring Malcolm and Laurel Dillon.

We had a very merry Christmas complete with great gifts and lots of food.
This year, we hope to make a trip out to Utah for Matt's mission reunion and to see the Blocks new home in St. George. We are also planning on heading up to Calgary for the Stampede and we are both in dire need of a week on a beach. We will be working hard on things around the house such as a garden, a storage unit in the garage and some more furniture. We also wouldn't mind needing a nursery, but that will come in time :)
Lots to come in 2008!


TheDillon6 said...

that is one WHIRLWIND of a year!! Glad we can be part of it! Can you believe it's been over 5 years since we met?!

TheDillon6 said...

ps -- LOVE the new look!!

Linda & Dave Browne said...

Sounds like a great year for you overall--we wish you an even better 2008! Happy New Year!

merideth said...

i would love to go to the calgary stampede again....oh i wish we lived closer west like we used to.
what a great year for you guys.

Stef said...

isn't it great looking back at all youve done. you had a pretty good 2007! I think every year has their up and downs, you just hope for more ups :)