Monday, January 07, 2008

Fun with Photoshop

Our friend Brett got me Photoshop CS2 to go with my new computer. I am having a great time using it, and I am happy to be back at work designing wedding invites and blog pictures :)

Here is something I did for fun to test out the new program.

Photoshop makeover. Never believe anything that you see on a magazine cover and this is why (and I'm not even a pro!)
And congrats to Louise and Brad on their up coming marriage. I hope that they love their invite as much as I do! (First is the original picture, second is the final proposal.)

Yay for Adobe Photoshop!


TheDillon6 said...

yay for you being a Photoshop GENIUS! Hooray!!

Stef said...

i'm no good at the comp stuff but that photoshop looks cool.

whitney said...

holy crap. the touched-up images look so great! you are incredibly talented. i hope you guys had a great holiday season! i want to see pictures of the house. i only have a couple more weeks left until the baby comes..... YIKES! :)

Lindsey said...

I love photoshop....and i am dying for make me jealous

Jessica Kettle said...

How cool! It looks like I could use some ps pointers from you! I LOVE the pic of you two on your header. It was fun running in to you over Christmas!

Alisha said...

You are good! I wish you still lived down here so you could teach me some of your Photoshop tricks.