Friday, August 31, 2007

Young Frankenstein!

Matt and I were able to get tickets to the sold out show of Young Frankenstein here in Seattle last night. It is the world premiere, so we are the first city to see it! IT WAS AMAZING! Such a different show from the many that I have seen. The props and sets were amazing, and the lighting was so cool. The music was fun and catchy and it used a lot of the best quotes from the movie. "He's gonna be very popular." Speaking of the movie, it happens to be one of my favorites, and so you can imagine how excited I was that Mel Brooks added music and some more scenes. The cast of the musical was great, however there is NO way to compare them to the original movie cast. The only character that came close was Andrea (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) who played "Frau Blucher" and I think that the only reason she did so good was because she had a much bigger role than in the movie. The guy who played "Igor" was also really good, but I just don't think there is a better person for the part than Marty Feldman. The same goes for Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle! You just cant even come close to the greatness of these character renditions!But, I do have to give the actors credit. Their voices were all great, and the dancing was crazy! We were excited to be able to see Megan Mullaly (Karen from Will and Grace) live. She surprised me with her singing voice and she was the perfect person for the part. Matt was very disappointed in the actress who played "Inga." Its true that she didn't have good comedic timing, but I think he was just praying that she was going to be more like Teri Garr. :) With all criticism aside, I highly recommend seeing the show! It was "ELECTRIFYING!"


Linda & Dave Browne said...

VERY FUN!!!!! I probably would love this show too. Not being able to go to the theatre is one of the things I miss most about Issaquah and Seattle. See a show for us!! A year ago I got to see "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway and that was SO COOL! I'm SO jealous! ;-)

TheDillon6 said...

you didn't tell me about this! How FUN!!!!!!