Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some things to remember

Matt and I were talking about all the funny/cute things Armani did when he was still here. I don't want to forget these, so here is a list that we made.

* If something was on the floor such as shoes, a book, a towel, a pillow, he was on it. For whatever reason, his front feet made their way onto the object before you realized it was even on the ground.

* He had a mating call that was so loud and forward. When he wanted a girl cat (or the girl dog) he would let everyone know. "Meow, meow!"

* He cleaned the dogs eyes everyday.

* He would lay on my lap at every opportunity he had. If I was watching a movie or taking a nap on the couch, he was curled up between my legs.

* He loved to hang out under blankets if they were hanging off of the couch or bed. You wouldn't know he was there until you went to fold the blanket, and he would be weighing it down.

* It was imperative that he lay down in any boxes or bags that were left out. This also included the cat carrier and any other small space that he could barely fit into.

* If he could smell food, he would find it. He could pull whole chicken breasts off the counter (raw and/or cooked) and if something smelled good in the pantry, he would reach his paws under the door and try to figure out a way to get to it.

* He came to his name right away.

* Armani could open a closed door by running into it at full speed with his head. It worked every time.

* We were greeted at the door by him whenever we came home.

* He was the most amazing alto in the "Feed us Cat Choir".

* This cat could get outside when he wanted even open for a 1/2 of a second.

*He would chew his way into cat/dog food bags.

* Armani slept in a different position every time.

* If he was sick of walking, he would just plop down. No matter where he was.

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TheDillon6 said...

I though you were crazy for adopting him, but now I know why you did it. Love at first sight. These memories will help heal your heart.