Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Carribean!

For our honeymoon, Matt and I took a Cruise to the Eastern Carribean.

We left the night of our wedding (yeah) and flew into Florida to get on our ship, The Elation. The first 2 days we were at sea, but that was fine with us because we had a lot of sleep to catch up on. There is also a lot to do on the boat such as tanning, eating....eating, and then we ate a lot more. The food was wonderful! You can eat anything, anytime because it has 24 hours service! We probably ate more self serve ice cream, than I have my entire life. Not to mention we ate it in the middle of the night so as to not let it "go to waste."

Our first port was St. Thomas. We had heard good things about this island, however we were not really impressed. We took a tour down to an Aquarium that spiraled down into the ocean, and then spent an hour on Coki Beach. Then we headed into the city and did what the island is famous for-Shopping. However, unless you are there for cheap jewelry or purfume, you are out of luck. We were very frustrated with the stores there and the fact that they had nothing that spiked our interest. There was one place called "Del Sol" where we purchased a t-shirt that changes color in the sun! Rad, I know.

Second, we arrived in San Juan, which was AMAZING! We took a bus tour through the city and after stopping a a beautiful beach, we walked around an old army fortress. It had wonderful views of the ocean and the island, and it was really neat to explore. After the tour we headed into the town and did some more shopping, and we loved the city. It was old and very european and the building were so cute! It was our favorite port.

Grand Turk was where we ended up next, and this was a very differnt island. It was very desert like, and very un-inhabited. The people that lived there were very few and had tiny, run down homes. Matt and I walked down to the Govenors beach and snorkled only to find nothing, then layed out on the sand. We also got to head down to Jimmy Buffets Magaritaville, where we used the gift shop for its air conditioning.

The last place the Cruise took us was an Island that the Carnival Cruise line owns called Half Moon Cay. It was so beautiful! The water was an amazing blue, and the sand was perfectly white. We played in the water and built a small sand castle. We had a wonderful time there relaxing and enjoying our last day on the cruise. We also got to go swimming with sting rays, and it was fun for me to watch Matt hesitantly enter the water for his first time. You could even swim down and touch the rays, and we saw a huge puffer fish!

After the cruise we stayed a few days in Miami, and we were able to go to the Miami Metro Zoo, and the Everglades before Matt got sick with the Noro Virus. Although the rest of the trip was spent in the hotel room, it was still a perfect honeymoon.

You better belive we will be cruising again!!

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Anonymous said...

It all looks very nice - I went to Skegness this year - I will write about it on my blog! The pictures are greyer than yours (my little joke).