Sunday, October 09, 2011

We're good.

Sure, there are tons of things to stress about, but I do enough complaining, don't I?

Sam is healthy and happy. He is growing like a weed and learning so much every day. The love that we have for him is not something we can describe in words. Just know that it's really, really big. :)
Matt is still looking for work (going on 10 months now) but has a few good leads. School has started again and he is really succeeding there.

I am busy. VERY busy. Which is good. Busy keeps some money coming in and my mind off of other things that make me sad and/or angry. I have been extremely blessed to have constant work.

All of our needs are somehow being met and that has really strengthened my testimony. God has really watched out for us in the last year and we're thankful for Him. On top of that, we have an amazing support system with our family being so close and our friends being so awesome.

Gosh, we are just really lucky. That's why (in all of this stress) we can say, "we're good".


Colton said...

I'm glad. Life is super stressful, and I know your hasn't been the exception. But I'm glad that you're doing okay, and I'm glad to be counted among your friends.

Sabs said...

Glad you're good! Love ya girl!

Havis said...

Hi. I found your blog via a comment you left on Emily Anderson's blog. You mentioned that you are considering adoption. I've adopted both my girls and love to be open about the ups and downs and ins and outs of it all. If you ever have a question let me know.