Sunday, October 23, 2011

Randy and Dena visit

My Uncle Randy and Aunt Dena are truckers. They travel all over the United States delivering goods. We were super excited to hear that they had a delivery in Washington and that they were going to visit for a couple of days.

We all got tours of their truck. Sam was especially excited. He even got to blow the horn!

Matt's trucker face, I guess.
My parents with Randy and Dena and "Big Red."
Thursday night we had a family dinner and told funny stories. We are one crazy bunch, so you can imagine all the fun we have had over the years.
After dessert we sat down and watched old family videos. Matt learned A LOT about the Bailey family :)

We hope that Randy and Dena will swing by again soon! Check out their blog to read about all of their adventures!


ggsdrummer said...

Great pics, your really capture the moments in life! :-)

Colton said...

Haha, Sam does look excited. Who wouldn't be? Even trucker face was getting in on it.

Dena Coleman Bailey and Randy Bailey said...

I love these pics thanks so much for taking them. I love the one of "sassy" driving. We had such a great time. Love you guys.

Loni said...

what a fun post. i love the pic of everyone laughing at "Arnica" (im guessing on the moment, am i right??) miss ya!