Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iphone pics

I don't ALWAYS have my 7D around, so I am thankful for cell phone cameras.

Sam and Bub at the Seattle Science Center checking out the Dinosaurs. Sam was so excited.
Kelly, Courtney and Sam shopping at Ikea. Sam hung out in the cart for most of the trip.
Sam wearing his beach robe. We thought he looked more like a mini-boxer.
We had the bouncy seat out for a friends baby but Sam used it as a place to eat and watch TV. Silly kid.
Sam and Courtney.
One day I looked in the review mirror to see Sam smiling big. He's so funny!
My baby chickens. They grew up so fast!
The cool kid.
My brother Cory showing Sam his bike.
Sam and our friends cockatiel, Thisbee. Sam actually closed a door on her tail this weekend and pulled ALL of the feather out. Yikes.
Sam watching his chickens eat corn.
Wearing a friends Buzz Lightyear costume and LOVING it.
Sitting in the backyard, watching chickens and eating Gogurt with our friend Katelyn.
Doris's biggest egg yet.
Sam and Court taking pictures of themselves on her ipad.
The Chicago skyline from my train ride to Indiana.
Brimley and Princess cuddled up.

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