Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I dont like snow

Let me start off by stating how painful it was to go from 80 degree, sunny weather in Arizona, to 20 degree snowy weather in Seattle. Not really all that fun.

Now let me explain the number one reason that I don't like snow. (unless it can be used for skiing.)

Sunday - Matt decides to buy a new car that he has had his eye on for a few years. Only thing is, the one he wants is in LA.
Monday 9am - Matt asks for ride to airport
2:30 - Drive down in snow flurries to Sea Tac
4:00 - Drop Matt off at Terminal
4:10 - Get stuck in traffic due to snow
4:30 - Informed by police there is a 6 car pile up on the on ramp I am headed.
4:45 - Cop tells me that the other on ramp in the other direction is now blocked by a semi.
5:00 - Police officer breaks the news that I should expect to be here for at least 4 hours.
5:15 - Panic sets in.
5:30 - Sam is done spending time in the car. Hungry. Wet diaper. Done.
6:00 - Calling parents, friends and crying in the car. Possibly cursing my husband.
7:00 - Watch driver next to me make yellow snow.
7:15 - Matt lands in LA. Calls me. Receives an earful of bad words.
8:00 - Hear on the radio that I5 and 99 (only ways home) are closed.
8:15 - Hold Sam and cry and try to figure out how to spend the night in the car with no food, diapers or water.
8:30 - Cops open up 518W. Opposite direction, but I get on it anyway.
9:00 - Find any open road going north.
9:05 - Cell phone dies.
9:15 - Stop at Walgreens for gas, food and diapers. Change Sammy.
9:30 - Manage to get from 518 to Columbia, Columbia to Rainier, Rainier to 90, 90 to 405, 405 to I5, I5 to hwy 2. LAKE STEVENS.
10:15 - Slide down 3rd street hill almost falling into the lake. May have peed my pants a little.
10:30 - Park at bottom of Rhadora Hts Hill.
10:35 - Walk home with no socks, flats and a very unhappy baby boy. Thankful to have his snow jacket, hat, blanket and stroller in the car.
11-28-10 736
10:45 - HOME. Pajamas, heat on, warm oatmeal and BED.

The next morning, snowed in and without even a thought of going out in it again, Sam and I spent the day checking out our first snow and eating as much of it as we could.
11-28-10 770
11-28-10 763
It didn't take long for our un-gloved fingers to freeze. 11-28-10 791
But they were quickly thawed with some yummy hot cocoa. 11-28-10 830
11-28-10 812
Hopefully, if it snows again this winter, we will be more prepared and I will get to show Sam the "fun" side of snow.


Mandy said...

Oh my word!!! I don't blame you for hating the snow. What an ordeal!! I'm glad that you guys made it home safe & sound!

Rutt Family said...

Holy cow, Holly!! I totally would have cried too... I am so glad you guys made it home safely. I think I need to keep my 72 hour kit in my car just for situations like this(along with diapers and extra blankets.)

Sarah Louise said...

My gosh, that's an absolutely awful day! You have every right not to like snow after that experience!

In case you're curious, I found your blog via your photography blog after searching for a Seattle photographer. :) I love your photography and once I have a little bit of money, I'll be getting in contact with you to take some photos of my boyfriend and I!

Sorry your snow day was so horrible!


Stepper the Mighty said...

That is by far the most fantastic snow story I've heard yet this year.

Stuck in traffic with a sad baby, no diapers and no food?! Terrifying!

Sounds like Matt better hand you the keys to the new car as soon as he walks in. ;)