Monday, November 08, 2010

Family Pictures

My friend Alycia and I traded family pictures this year. I was happy to get both the Bailey family and the Aprecio family together for a day of photos.

This is the spot where Matt took me on our first date 5 years ago.

So, there we are! Well, not really. Wanna know how we really behave?

Thats more like it! :)


Sabs said...

oh my i'm laughing so hard right now! love the yawn and the bottle bashing pics:) and of course the others are beautiful!

Colton said...

Is it bad that I liked the last pictures much more than the first?

I can't wait to meet little Sam!

Matt said...

Great pictures guys!

The Dillon 6 said...

turned out to be a great day, hottie! Love the photos. That little boy such is CUTE!!!

Bart and Jill said...

can we talk about how cute sam is in that bow tie?!??!