Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All about Sam

Sam is 18 months old.
He is a tiny guy weighing in at only 22lbs.
He prefers vegetables and pasta over ice cream and candy.
He loves to be scared and startled.
He is a mama's boy through and through.
Everyone compliments his dark eyes and lashes.
He is too stubborn to talk.
Sam loves all things Giraffes.
He can sign please, more and dog.
His laugh is contagious.
Books are his new obsession.
His favorite movies are Babies, Toy Story and Nemo.
His best friend is Eli and his girlfriend is Makiah.
He is loving nursery and behaving very well.
Sam can run, jump, climb and do somersaults.
He is everything to his mom and dad.


Robert & Amber Salmon said...

My kids prefer veggies too... lucky us!

P.S I love that Sam is 22 pounds. That is the same as my 8 month old.

The Dillon 6 said...

in comparison ~ Mr. Magruder weighed 20 pounds at 6 months.

Your boy is C-U-T-E!!!

Michaela said...

I'm glad I don't have the only skinny little boy! Karsen was barely 20 pounds just a few weeks ago and he's almost 18 months! He also too stubborn to say any words too.
I wish Karsen preferred veggies but he likes his KitKats! But he's a fiend for yogurt so I guess it's not so bad. Haha! Cute picture of Sam!