Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Arizona, Bailey style.

One thing before I get into all the fun we had in Arizona- DON'T TRY TO FLY STAND-BY ON VETERANS DAY. Although the flights are only $30, being in an airport for almost 16 hours is absolutely no fun. Especially being there with a 19 month old.

Luckily, Sea Tac had a play area, and Sam was able to sleep really well in his stroller.
Arizona 002

Saturday afternoon we headed into Chandler for my Grandpa's surprise party. Sam and I were a little late, so we just walked up to Papa while he was eating and stood next to him until he realized who we were. He was so thrilled to see us. It was so fun.

Family flew in from Utah, Pennsylvania, California, Seattle and Florida just for Grandpa. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up. I love my family.

(please excuse the random order. I am too lazy to organize these.)
Aunt Monica and Uncle Randy.Arizona 219
Celeste, Freddy and Sam.Arizona 213
Britt, Grandpa, Me and Nikki.
Arizona 196
Sam loved meeting and playing with all his new cousins.Arizona 174
Maddie and Delaney. I got to sleep on Delaney's "Hannah Montana" bed while we stayed with her family.
Arizona 163
Dustin, Britt, Monica and Glen checking out Grandpa's book.Arizona 151
Chad and Stephanie. They let me stay in their house, eat their food and drive their car.
My family really is better than yours. :)
Arizona 142
Maddie loved Danny's funny faces.Arizona 141
Grandpa reminiscing with some friends visiting from California.Arizona 120
Danny and Maddie
Arizona 102
The family sent in pictures from Grandpa's life to create this awesome book. He loved it. Arizona 101

Arizona 095
Loni is mature.
Arizona 090
Sam and cake.
Arizona 082
Jaxson and cake. They didn't get along too well. When Jax dropped his first plate, the heartbreak was totally picture worthy.
 Arizona 073
Mike, Dana, Speedy and Dylan. They might be laughing at Jaxson.Arizona 071
Arizona 066
Maddie and Loni
Arizona 063
Grandpa had 80 candles to blow out so all the great-grandchildren pitched in. Arizona 029
Sam LOVED his cousin Lexi. And the feelings were pretty mutual. They were together all night long.
Arizona 009

Sam and I had a great time. I realize that its not every family that gets together to dance to the "Casper Slide" and throw surprise parties that include a bonfire level of candles. But I feel really lucky that I belong to one crazy, fun and extremely spontaneous group.

After the festivities Sam and I were able to visit Grandpa at his house. He lives in a beautiful area called "The Islands" and it is a tropical paradise in the middle of the desert. He has a little boat and beautiful property and it felt like we were in the Caribbean.
Arizona 1013
Sam loves him. Its so great to see them play together.
Arizona 1951
We also got to see more of the family for a pizza lunch at a park near my Aunts house.Arizona 264
Sam was again attached to Lexi's hip. These two were so funny together.
Arizona 255

That night we all got together again at Chad and Stephanie's house for Karaoke. See, I told you were are one crazy bunch!
Monica, Randy and Dena.Arizona 980
Danny singing "Vanilla Ice."
Arizona 979
Arizona 960
Stephanie. God gave her a lovely, caring, sweet and friendly personality, beauty and style but forgot to give her singing talent. She rocked out anyway! Got to love her!Arizona 949
Sam tried coke. And oops, he loved it. Good thing we were up partying the night away anyway.Arizona 945
Monica serenading Randy and Dena.Arizona 943
Nikki, Maddie and Brit. We have pretty genes in the Bailey family.
Arizona 922
If I were to title this picture, it would be blank. "__________"Just a blank, silent stare.Arizona 920
Chad, the Karaoke Master.
Arizona 914
I cant tell you how much fun we had with the Bailey family.
More to come from the Tennant side of my family, the zoo and Amazing Jakes!

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Loni said...

that was such a fun trip. Im glad you got so many flattering pictures of me...