Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer finally hits

I am so excited to finally be able to spend my days at the beach.

On the first day of sun Sam and I spent the day in the backyard with Shannon playing in the pool. It was so relaxing.

Then on Wednesday we attempted to catch a ferry over to Jetty island. When the wait was too long, all of us ladies hauled our bums and babies to south Silverlake Park.
The water was still a little cold, but we had a fun time playing in the sand and passing around buckets and shovels.

Sam is absolutely in his element at the beach. He digs in the sand and sits in the water without a worry in the world. He is like his mom in the way that he doesn't prefer cold water and he is like his dad in the way that he tans instead of burns. He could have spent all day there.
Us moms had a great time taking part in adult conversation while the boys got as dirty as the could.

Beach bum!

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