Sunday, July 11, 2010


While shooting an engagement session yesterday, Trevor noticed a "dead" seal on the beach. So we rushed down to the water to check it out.
When we got to it we saw that it was still breathing. The poor thing was so tiny and lethargic and we couldn't help but cry for the "dying" seal pup. Then it lifted its head, eyes still shut and started to yelp for her mommy.
So I called 911. Yes, seriously I did. I was not about to watch this poor animal suffer. The operator patched me through to State Patrol because Animal Control was already closed for the night. The officer that answered laughed, said "thank you for calling but baby seals are left alone by their mothers some times for days at a time. Just leave it alone, and be careful because that baby IS being protected."
Feeling a little silly, I hung up the phone and informed the others that this baby was a healthy one. As if to tell us we were making fools of ourselves, the pup stretched out and started to move around and make noises. The little thing had no fear!As much as I wanted to spoon the little creature, we knew it was best to leave her alone. We took a few pictures, talked to the baby and named her "July." If you think that it is silly to name a wild animal, you don't know me very well. I name everything. Not to mention this was one of the best days of my life. That's how much I LOVE wildlife.It was hard to leave, but we had a sunset to catch. Plus, chances were our presence was keeping mommy from coming back and feeding the hungry baby.
Check out the engagement pics here.


The Dillon 6 said...

LOVE it! I had no idea there were seals on Washington beaches. I'm so lame. It had to make your heart rush!!!

Sabs said...

sooo awesome! i wanna cuddle it

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Holly you have such a sweet heart.... I was hoping, as i read your post, that you would do something and you did call 911. I love how gentle you are with God's creatures. Thanks... PS I love the pictures you take. Very talented... well talented in everything! Pretty well-rounded! :)

whitney said...

serisously, you ARE dr. doolittle. i love it!

what a cute seal. i cant believe you didnt take it home and raise it as one of your own. :)

hope all is well. we should get together soon......

Colton said...

I'm glad you didn't pick it up. It is so cute and squishable, who knows how that would have ended.