Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My busy week

What a week. It was packed full of events, photo sessions and chores. I wont complain because I have enjoyed everything that I managed to do this week.

On top of everything around the house that needs to be done after 7 days of neglect, I have tons of photo editing to catch up on. I had 4 family sessions within 5 days. Yikes.

The highlight was witnessing baby Grace's birth. What an experience.
The miracle of life, is just that. A miracle. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends like the Cox family, who allowed me to photograph such an important day. Not only is it great for them to have pictures of her first moments of life, but it was great for me to experience a c-section first hand to nullify of fears of getting pregnant again.
Speaking of being pregnant, last Saturday, my friend Joy, who is expecting a baby girl, gave me an amazing facial treatment. She died my brows, eyelashes, waxed and exfoliated my face and then massaged me. Oh, the massage! Yay for swapping talents. I get an hour of bliss, she gets an hour of maternity/baby/wedding pictures. I wont give away the secret, but I am SO excited for her maternity pics :)
On Thursday afternoon Matt got an email informing us that he was accepted into the Executive MBA program at UW. We are thrilled! The number of spaces in the program were extremely limited, but he managed to pull everything together in time and get himself into the school. A HUGE thank you to all of you that wrote in referrals. We are 100% positive those were an imperative part of his success. We're staying in Washington! Saaa-weeet!
So, with my "to-do" list staring me in the face, I scratch off "blog" and head on to number 2, "laundry".


Shannon Hunnex said...

maybe you should move to seattle then.

The Dillon 6 said...

you were going to LEAVE?!

The Cox Trio said...

Darn it, I forgot to congratulate Matt last night... sorry!

Colton said...

I guess I can actually use that Starbucks gift card now. I was going to return it if it didn't work out.