Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This weekend we had the opportunity to go to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho with the Richey family. We packed up the car and headed out Sunday afternoon. Sam proved himself worthy of long distance car trips by being absolutely perfect for all 6 hours.

When we arrived at the hotel we met up with the Richey's and ate dinner at Outback. When we were all full of steak and Idaho potatoes, we drove back and turned in.

Sam had a hard time sleeping in a new place the first night, but he was great for the other two. He loved laying in his own queen sized bed watching cartoons though.When morning came (sooner than later the first night) we put on our swim suits and drove to the park.

The first day was 90+ degrees and sunny. So right away we decided it was a day for Boulder Beach. This is the water park half of Silverwood, and it was so much fun. There were areas for kids, water slides, wave pools and a lazy river. We did it all.
Sam was in heaven. He played and splashed and laughed. When that got boring he would come up to "camp", get a drink, eat a snack and go back to the water to do it all again.The adults took turns trying out the water slides. It was so much fun for Matt and I to go off alone for a little while and be kids again.When the water park closed down at 7pm, we took advantage of the setting sun and rode some rides in cooler air. I managed to talk Matt and Ben into going on the "Aftershock" with me and it did not disappoint! The face down plummet was so scary, but we all LOVED the thrill.We all slept very well that night :)
Tuesday morning was overcast and with hopes that it would burn off we started the day at the water park again. When the wind picked up we decided it was a little too cold to play in the water. But not soon enough. Matt hurt his neck bashing into some people in the wave pool just as we were about to leave. Luckily it didn't stop him from enjoying the rest of the day. (even with no feeling in his left arm.)
We took turns riding roller coasters and playing on kids rides with the little ones. Sam had no fear. He rode the elephant ride, a paragliding carousel and a kiddie coaster without one complaint. He is going to be a thrill seeker just like his mom and dad :) I'm sure one day he'll use his fearlessness to impress his dream girl, Makiah. Sam loves her. He followed her around the whole time and made sure to show off when she was looking. She didn't mind the attention either. Guess what? Matt talked me into riding a WOODEN roller coaster. Its something I don't like to do. But I did it, and I lived. And it was scary. But I will admit it was fun.
We all had a great time at Silverwood. The rides were fun, the park was nice, the food was good and reasonably priced, and the activities were plentiful. We were there for two full days and didn't get to try everything.
I guess we'll need to go back again!

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Colton said...

I'm sure I've never told you this, but I really want to move to Couer d'Alene someday. I think this Silverwood place is just the icing on the cake.