Monday, October 19, 2009

Multi Tasking

In the last week and a half, Samuel has decided that sleep is optional. His usual schedule for the month of October has been to wake up at 9am, take a 10 minute nap at noon, then a 20 minute nap at 3 and another 20 minute nap at 6. Then he falls back to sleep around 11pm, and continues to wake up every 3 hours to eat, or get re-swaddled. The next morning at 9 it starts all over again.

We are keeping Tylenol and Orajel in business and hoping that this new routine is just a result of teething. We can't complain too much since Sam is still pretty happy, and has become a very cuddly little man. We are enjoying all the awake time with him, but boy has it affected my housework and free time!

I am now the multi-tasking guru. From one-armed meals to nursing while blogging (yes, this is all typed one handed) I am constantly with only one free arm. My baby bjorn has become a part of my wardrobe as you can see in the picture below.This is me at a photo shoot. I know these aren't meant to be worn on the back so Jill, feel free to
leave me a comment regarding the awesome baby-back pack thingy you have for Holden. I will invest.


Stepper the Mighty said...


I think the bjorn looks fetching from behind. Probably has to do with the people using it, but still.

The Dillon 6 said...

I think you can weat the bjorns on your least mine said you could...I never tried it.

Buck up, young one...this phase will pass quickly and then you'll be off to the next. :)

Sabs said...

what a perfect pic! love it! i used to only look for meals i could make will hold a newborn with one arm and dragging a toddler around on my leg. i've become quite speedy in the kitchen.

Bart and Jill said...

Ahh yes, the Ergo Baby Carrier...the greatest invention known to mankind!!!!! Holden STILL lives in that thing! It is very great for housework and would be wonderful for your photography sessions that you have to bring him on.

You can find it in stores too but that is the website! They are wonderful... One of the buckles cracked (I stepped on it) and they sent me a whole new pack!

And don't worry about the housework... you'll get around to it... eventually, but Sam will only be this little for 2 seconds... I cannot believe Holden is over 1 now! it's killing me! Where does time go...