Friday, October 30, 2009

a little gripe

I am using this post today to whine and vent a little. Once its down in words, I will move on and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Sam gets vaccinated
Upset and fussy all night long. (awake every hour)

Sam is sick and in pain from his vaccines. He is crying all day, with no real naps.
Barely falls asleep when the FedEx man wakes him up with the door bell.
Brimley vomits on the carpet. (most puke I have ever seen in my life)
Brimley comes into the house with diarrhea. Needs bath. (I haven't even showered myself yet.)
Sam is upset and fussy all night long. (awake every 1/2 hour)

Not as fussy, and takes a 2 hour nap at Noon.
Sam sleeps again at 6pm, but only for an hour.
Matt gets sick and wakes me up with his loud puking.
A loud crash downstairs forces Matt to search the house, shotgun in hand.
Adrenaline adds to my frustration.
Sam decides not to sleep until 4am!!
We watch "Funny Farm" together.
Continues to be fussy all night, waking up every hour from 4-8am.

Sam is awake early, but happy. I actually get some things done.
He takes a 30 minute nap so I can shower.
Princess vomits roast beef outside the door, I step in it.
I put Sam in his Bumbo chair while I clean. Sam poops.
He poops 3 days worth of poop. Needs bath.
I need another shower.
Laundry is added to the to do list.

So, here I am. Blogging about my week while Sam sleeps off that incredible BM. I'm sure it will be comedy to me soon, but I think Ill have to catch up on some Zzz's before I laugh this one off.

...and scene.


Heidi said...

Wow. That's a little much for one person to handle in one week!! Sorry it's been tough.

The Dillon 6 said...

hahaha! Oh Hottie ~ believe it or not, the humor will come faster than you think.

Take a deep breath and relax. Having your husband held up at knifepoint in Scotland is enough to put anyone over the edge.

Happy Halloween! I can't wait to see happy pictures.

and thanks for not posting any pictures with this one. ;)

Colton said...

If its of any consolation, its comedy to me now.

That is a lot of bodily functions. Seriously. You are a courageous woman.

The Cox Trio said...

Those Bumbo chairs are trouble!

Monica said...

Glenn says "we've all been there darlin' but you capture it well..." Thanks for the laughs!!

Shannon Hunnex said...

hahahahhahahhahaha oh holly i love you. thank god for blogs, our moms got to just forget about those god awful days when we would crap all over and our pets would refuse to eat/sleep/exist normally. nowadays they are documented for years to come...