Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fun in the tub

Sam is not the biggest advocate of bath time, but occasionally he has a good time in the water. I managed to snap a few shots of him enjoying himself.


Sabs said...

oh how precious! seriously he just looks like the cutest little guy ever!!!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Great photographer + excellent subject = really neat pictures!

Sam is adorable. UH-DORABLE!

Tiffany Aprecio said...

He is soooooo freaking adorable!!! What a perfect little face he has!!!

Oh yeah wanted to invite you guys to TMA for our Halloween Party. It will be on Friday, October 30th at our school starting at 7pm. We will have demos and a potluck (competition style) and candy for the kids. Everyone can dress up!

Tracy and Micah said...

I really love these pictures - he is such a cute boy!!