Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 4

Family Dinner

Friday night we all got together for dinner, Filipino style. There was so much food, I didn't even get to try it all. We had loompia, steak, bbq'd shrimp, pork and noodles, green beans, squash and so much more. And to top us all off, we had Haupia cake for dessert.

Then after dinner we all retired downstairs for some competitive wii. It was a fun night and we are going to miss everyone when they head back home.
Chris, Tiffany and Alexander.
Sam trying out his new high chair.
Matthew waiting patiently for dinner.
Sam and Grandma .All the fun tired him out.Seattle bbq'ing. Matty checking on the shrimp.Jan, Peter, Linda and Ben cooking dinner.The Aprecio family eating dinner. We loved having everyone here to visit. Hopefully the next time we see them will be in Hawaii :)


Stepper the Mighty said...

Holy Gravy! is that your kitchen???

I love the B/W pic of you and Sam. So beautiful.

Loni said...

i love your hair in the picture with the black background. What a cute way to spice up a ponytail. I just may have to copy you.

Colton said...

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one wondering if that was your kitchen....if it is your house, wow! Its beautiful. I hope I get to come and visit someday. I should just buy a plane ticket and do it.