Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Samuel's Blessing

We were able to have Sam blessed this last Sunday, and it was a wonderful day for our family. My Grandpa Bailey was able to make it up to Washington from Mesa and all of our immediate family was there as well.A big thank you to all of our wonderful friends that were also present during this important day.

We are so very thankful for the priesthood that Matthew holds, and for this gospel that has been restored to the earth and for the opportunity we have to be an eternal family.
I can not imagine a life without this knowledge. Sam is such a blessing, and I am so thankful to know of his importance. While listening to an EFY song this week, the line "What will he do through me?" really caught my attention. I started to wonder what Sam will accomplish as the hands of the Lord. How many people will he bring to the truth through serving a mission? What will he become in this life? I have such faith that he will be a choice son of God, and make both Matt and I very proud to be his parents. Because of all we have gone through to get Sam to this earth, and all that he has fought through to stay here, I know that he is an important part of Heavenly Fathers plan. I cant wait to see what he will do during his life.

Matt's blessing to Samuel was so sweet and only solidified my beliefs that Sam is very special. It was very emotional for all of us since we have been praying for Sam for a long time, and it was great to finally witness this day.

After a wonderful Sacrament Meeting, we all headed home for some lunch and pictures. We all had a great time being together in Samuel's behalf.

Sam enjoying his lunch with his Great-Grandpa Bailey.
Enjoying the sun with his Grandpa Bailey,
and me with my Grandpa Bailey.His 12th blood related grand baby.Four generations.Three generations.The Aprecio family.The Bailey family.Grandpa and Grandma Bailey.The men that took part in the blessing.Sam's best friends Chaseand Elijah.The whole clan-Rachel, Kyle and Chase Havens, Eric, Sarah and Eli Cox, Brett Childs, Shauna, Ben, Jan, Matthew, Samuel and Holly Aprecio, Arny, Jackie, Cory and Arnold Bailey, Alex Michael and Sam and Brent Anderson.
And of course Sam, all partied out.


The Dillon 6 said...

what a beautiful day, Holly! Looks like Sam enjoyed all the attention!

merideth said...

congrats to you guys. i love his shoes!

Colton said...

That is wonderful. It looked like a kickin' get-together.

Sabs said...

How perfect! I'm so happy for you everytime i see a pic of Sam!