Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A normal week

I feel like last week was the first "real" week that we have had since having a baby. I think things are finally settling down and becoming normal. Sam and I visited family and friends, and got a little shopping done. We got a few things done around the house, and mastered nursing which is something we have been working on. I have been pumping and bottle feeding since his birth which is anything but ideal.

I got to go back to work with Courtney on Saturday, and Sam and Matt met us for lunch with Courtney's parents. Everyone had a great time holding the baby, and are excited to watch him grow.
Here are a few photos from this week. Enjoy!
Sam is using his Bumbo seat! He thinks its pretty funny until his neck gets tired and he starts to slump.
It has been in the 80's this whole month, so Sam has rarely worn anything but a diaper. He gets hot so easily.We tried cooling off in our friends kiddie pool, but Sam was not having it.
The dogs are loving their little brother. They are first on scene when Sam starts to cry, and Brimley will lay next to him any chance he gets. Sam has even smiled at them when they come into his view.
I took this picture of Courtney and Sam with her iphone. Sam is going to love his Aunt Courtney. She is already talking about the signs that she wants him to learn.My boys. I am such a lucky girl. Although, I wish I got to do more of this...
Another friend was born! Carter arrived last Sunday and we are so excited to watch these boys play together. They will be good pals for sure.
Isn't he cute?! Its hard to believe that Sam was smaller than this when he was born.
Im sure there will be more fun to come this week!


Alycia said...

Those pictures of Sam in his bumbo are priceless!

Colton said...

Oh, little old man Sam. He is adorable. I'm glad that you're getting a routine down.

I want to come visit.

Bart and Jill said...

What a darling baby... I love the dog pictures!! So cute!