Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our day so far

Sam is still asleep after today's adventure, so I thought I would post about it now.

We got to play with goats!For those of you that know me, know that I am a huge fan of farm animals, especially goats. I was so excited when Alycia called me this morning to see if I wanted to go to the farm and play around. I jumped in the shower, changed Sam and we were out the door within minutes.

There were tons of goats, rabbits, horses, mini horses, baby cows, pigs, ducks and chickens. I was in heaven. Alycia and her boys had a lot of fun too. Preston spent most of his time watching the ducks and petting the cow while baby Carter enjoyed an afternoon nap in the bjorn.
Sam was awake and alert the whole time, and even started to laugh at a few of the animals.

Thank you Alycia for inviting me! Now I know where I will be spending many of my summer days. Don't mind me if I smell like manure from now on :)


Colton said...

That calf is really cute.

I bet he'll be delicious someday.

Was that too cold?

The Aprecios said...

SHE will be for milking. I would think that a cowboy like yourself could recognize the difference. :)

Alycia said...

Thanks again for coming with us, we had a lot of fun, we'll go with you again anytime! The pictures turned out really good too. You'll have to add them to the list of ones you need to give us. I'll have to get you a cd to burn them for me. :)

The Dillon 6 said...

what a fun day ~ perfect for the farm. :)

The kids have been asking to come up and meet Sam. We have been thinking of picking strawberries on Saturday and then making jam...any good picking fields up your way?

Shannon Hunnex said...


goat love.

Michaela said...

Looks like so much fun! Sam looks like he was enjoying it! He's so cute! And yes we should have a play date for the boys! :)