Thursday, June 18, 2009

Point Defiance

Matt took the day off of work today so that we could join our friends the Andersons at the Zoo. We had a great time, and the weather was perfect.Sam enjoyed the aquariums the most. The rest of the trip he was either asleep or staring at the sky. We know when he gets older this will be one of his favorite places. After all, Matt and I have visited countless zoo's over the 4 years we have been together. We actually took one of our first dates to Point Defiance, and took this picture:We laugh about it because neither of us can explain the face or pose that we are making. I think it has to do with the sharks teeth...but I'm not really sure. We didn't miss out on another opportunity to make fools of ourselves this time either:Say what you want to say. We have fun :)

My favorite things were of course the owls. This Barn Owl was right up next to the glass, and I swear he eyed my gold owl necklace.


Colton said...

I love the zoo, too. I swear I could live in one of those. Like, as an exhibit.

Sabs said...

oh man i went to that zoo a long time ago when i went to school on Vashon Island. ahhh the memories!

love the pics of sam with your doggies!

The Cox Trio said...

Looks like fun! Random question though... could I borrow your Baby Jogger for a walk around your neighborhood next week?... I want to try it out with Eli and while walking Daisy to see if I can handle it all. My stroller has two handles which makes it impossible for me to push the stroller AND walk the dog. Since I'm in love with your stroller I'd like to do a "test drive" before I made the purchase... Thanks!