Thursday, December 20, 2007

Project Runway

Matt and I are addicted to the Bravo TV show, Project Runway. We have been through 3 seasons now, and we cant get enough. We have even pulled in a few of our friends and family to the Wednesday night tradition. Last night we invited a bunch of people over to watch season 4 with us and eat some pizza. Shauna and Garrett came, Brett, Cory and Alex and Chris and Tiffany. They all showed up just in time for the show.
However, it wasn't on last night due to the holidays! But we didn't panic. Chris went out to his car and got "Guesstures" for us to all play.
We all had a lot of fun and played girls against guys. We won the first game, and the guys won the second.
Cory and Alex brought Dundee with them, and he was so good. Briz got a little upset and bullied him all night, but luckily Princess was interested in showing him some love. She was so not herself last night, and came out of hiding to get attention and see the visitors. It was so funny. I think that she is really liking the new house and her new freedom we call "outside".


TheDillon6 said...

how fortunate for you that Chris "just happened" to have Guesstures in his car! Sounds like a fun Wednesday evening!

I like the show, but can't get into this season's "cast" at all. :(

Linda & Dave Browne said...

Wow! I'm impressed, you just moved in and you already have got it looking lived-in and painted. I love the color of the walls--is it a gold? Looks like you all had fun--I miss game nights. :-)