Thursday, December 13, 2007

For Tim

***We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for an important news bulletin***

Tim left a message on Holly's phone asking for the Subaru parts info we talked about last weekend- There is too much to give in a voicemail, so here it is! - This is the website that provides the templates and diy instructions for the JDM sidemarkers (PN 84401SA000).

I get all my genuine subaru parts from, they have great pricing and as long as you know the part number you're looking for they're no muss no fuss to use. has a whole subforum of diy threads, it's a great resource. You can also look on is where I bought all of the bushings for the shifter, transmission, and rear differential. The installations are fairly straight forward and it's probably the biggest bang for the buck mod that I've done. Great company with great customer service. is a great site for suspension needs/wants :). Very knowledgeable Subaru guys that are always willing to offer suggestions and help.

You can always call me too, although I'm sure I'm not the best resource :)

Let me know if I missed something in particular.

***Now, back to your regularly scheduled girly stuff***


TheDillon6 said...

oh matty! You DO know how to use a computer! ;)

Burton Family said...

Hey Matt...thanks for the info. We had a really good time with you both. Good luck with the Tiki...