Monday, April 01, 2013

Pretty, pretty, Princess

Yesterday morning, our "clockwork kitty" wasn't at the door asking for food. This was very out of the ordinary for her, and I knew that something was wrong.  
I started to get ready for the day, expecting her to start crying for breakfast. When it didn't happen after a few hours, I walked outside to try and find her.
I stood at the side yard and called her name. Immediately I heard her cry out from under a tree. I climbed under to her, and noticed that she was too weak and in pain to move.
I checked her over, found no injuries and started to fear the worst. I packed her up and took her into the Emergency vet.
Right away the Doctor knew it was critical that we do something. We started with X-Rays that only showed that there was something "off" with her intestines. The Vet wanted to run more tests, but informed me that even after spending thousands to find out why my kitty was dying, she was still going to be dying.
I made the extremely hard decision, to put her down, and help her get out of her painful body. 
 Not knowing what was wrong was really hard, but by the time they brought her into the room to sit a while with me, she was too weak and sick to even lift her head. It was heartbreaking.
 She will be so missed. Although we cursed her every day for waking us up too early, scratching the carpet, peeing on the laundry or asking to go outside just as we got comfortable on the couch, we will miss her presence.
 She loved food. Mac and Cheese, chicken, french fries and mashed potatoes. She sat next to me at every meal waiting for a little scrap of food.
 She was such a lazy lady and had a few favorite spots in the house, most of them being over the heating vents.
 Princess loved being out in the yard but preferred to be indoors where it is warm and quiet.
 I hate that I had to make the decision, but I am thankful for the little memories I have of her. She had a great life, and lived 12 years with warm blankets, sunny spots, balls to chase and lots of attention.


Shannon Hunnex said...

so sad. poor princess. she was a great kitty. i love u babe.

Anonymous said...
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Colton said...

Oh my! Sad. I admit that I was very very surprised by this. I thought "I wonder what she means by 'Pretty, pretty Princess'? I could never have predicted that. It will definitely be different not wondering if your sociopathic cat is lurking under the bed while I sleep, that was fun. But you are the best pet owner ever, she had such a good life!

In other news, ^that comment is crazy.