Monday, April 15, 2013

The start of Spring

I apologize for the lack of posts, but the truth is, not a lot is going on. 

Most days are spent cleaning, running errands and getting things ready for a hopefully exciting summer. 

But, these memories are those of normal life. And I want to remember them no matter how unimportant. 

Sam and I. Sometimes he looks like me. A little. 
 Rain is expected in the NW during the spring. We have had plenty of it.
 I got to escape the weather last weekend and shoot my Cousin's wedding in Arizona. It was so fun to see family and get some sun. 
 Sam comes to Courtney's with me every Thursday for about an hour. These two are such a hoot. Court loves to teach him new signs and Sammy loves to play games. 
 My little brother joined my band! I am very excited, our first show together is tomorrow night. 
 Sam is still head over heels in love with Hippo, and I don't blame him. She is such a sweet little guinea pig!
 Sam and Brimley are BFF's. Seriously. They wrestle and play for hours every day. 
 Sammy loves to cook with Daddy. 
 Brisbane. She's starting to show signs of aging and its so sad! Luckily she still loves to cuddle :)
 Matching dimples! Gosh, they're cute!
 While the rain is tiring, it sure makes the sunny days more fun and we have had some wonderfully beautiful days. I can not wait for more consistent weather!

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