Sunday, April 21, 2013

Super Sam's Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Sam turning 4 with an awesome super hero party. 

Sam picked 7 of his best friends to attend, and they all had a blast!
Every morning for the last 2 weeks, Sam has asked me "Is today my party day?"
This morning, he was so thrilled when the answer was, "Yes!"
 Sam has yet to have a birthday without a Simply Desserts Cake because in our opinion, their's is the ONLY cake.
Soooo good!

When the boys arrived we decorated Super Hero masks and snacked.
 Then we took some great pictures with our capes, masks and comic book props.
 Super Heroes!!!

 I loved making capes for all the boys and Sam picked out the colors for each of his friends.

 Sam was most excited about his presents, and luckily his friends knew him well enough to get him Action figures!

Next up, the pinata! Sam and I spent days making this so I was so happy when it worked out perfectly. 
 Ouch. Sam walked into the line of a swinging bat. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
 I forgot rope so the Swiffer Sweeper held up the "bomb" for all the boys.
 It was quickly detonated ;)

Sam deserved a great party, and he enjoyed himself thoroughly! Thank you to all of his friends and family members for making yesterday such an AWESOME day!!!

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