Friday, March 22, 2013


Last week we met a birthmother in Nebraska who wanted to place her baby with our family.

We spoke a lot over the phone and we felt so lucky that we had the chance to meet her, and eventually raise a child because of her.

Last night she called and explained through tears that she had miscarried.

Our hearts sunk. Again.

Dark days.
This adoption journey of ours has really been a hard one. We are constantly reminded by friends and family that our time will come, and it will be so worth it. It's getting harder and harder to believe them.

On a lighter, very exciting note, we are in the running to become a highlighted couple on NBC Dateline. They are doing a story on adoption adds online and they want to interview our family. This could be huge. We are hoping for the always.


Sara said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, and you had such a GREAT, positive attitude on Saturday the 23rd. Thank you. I should of given you one gigantic hug. Fingers crossed for you and your family.