Friday, June 22, 2012

Embrace the Camera - 6.21.12

Man oh man, this is my life. Sam falling asleep 2 minutes after leaving the house, and 2 minutes before arriving at our destination. There are many times I just sit in the parking lot for as long as I can to give him the best nap possible. Good thing God invented smart phones and talk radio for times such as these.

Notice the giraffe? Yeah, they are everywhere. I'm pretty sure there is one in every room and every car. Sam sure loves them.

Oh yeah, and I put on lipstick today. For no reason. Sometimes it's just fun to "get ready".

That is all.


Rutt Family said...

You look gorgeous! Embrace the camera is Su such a fun idea

Colton said...

Does lipstick get you ready? You women are so weird.